Regrowth Services at Healing Hair and Body Houston

Are you struggling with hair thinning or an unhealthy scalp? Do you dream of luscious locks and regaining your hair’s natural vitality? Look no further than Healing Hair and Body Houston, where we offer top-notch scalp treatment and hair growth services to help you achieve the vibrant, beautiful hair you desire.

Regrowth Services at Healing Hair
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Our Regrowth Services

Scalp treatment services

Scalp Treatment

A healthy scalp is the foundation of strong, beautiful hair. Our scalp treatment services are designed to address a wide range of scalp issues, from dandruff and dryness to excess oil production and scalp inflammation. We use proven techniques and high-quality products to rejuvenate your scalp, promoting an ideal environment for hair growth.

Our Scalp Treatment Process :



We begin with a thorough consultation to understand your specific scalp concerns and hair goals. This allows us to tailor our treatment to your needs.


Deep Cleansing

We use gentle yet effective cleansing products to remove impurities and buildup from your scalp, ensuring a clean slate for regrowth.



Our experts perform a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation, promoting healthy hair follicles.


Nutrient Infusion

We apply nourishing serums and treatments that are rich in vitamins and minerals to replenish your scalp and encourage hair growth.



Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage that not only relieves stress but also enhances the absorption of nutrients into your scalp.


Customized Solutions

We provide personalized recommendations for at-home care and maintenance to ensure long-lasting results.

Hair Growth Services

Our hair growth services are designed to stimulate hair follicles, strengthen existing hair, and encourage the growth of new, healthy strands. Whether you’re dealing with hair loss, thinning hair, or simply want to boost your hair’s natural vitality, we have the expertise and treatments to help you achieve your goals.

Our Hair Growth Services Include :

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

This non-invasive treatment stimulates hair follicles using low-level lasers, promoting hair growth and preventing further loss.

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Therapy

PRP therapy harnesses the power of your body’s own platelets to stimulate hair follicles, resulting in thicker, healthier hair.


Our microneedling treatments create tiny channels in your scalp, allowing for better absorption of growth-promoting serums and increasing blood flow to the hair

Customized Hair Care Products

We offer a range of professional hair care products designed to nourish your hair and maintain your results between treatments.

Lifestyle and Nutrition Guidance

We provide valuable advice on diet, lifestyle, and other factors that can impact your hair health.

Why Choose Healing Hair and Body Houston?

Expertise: Our team of skilled professionals has years of experience in scalp treatment and hair growth services. We stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field to provide you with the best care possible.

Personalized Approach: We understand that everyone’s hair and scalp are unique. That’s why we tailor our services to meet your specific needs and concerns.

Cutting-Edge Technology: We invest in the latest technology and treatments to ensure you receive the most effective and innovative solutions.

Comfort and Relaxation: Our spa-like atmosphere ensures a comfortable and relaxing experience during your treatment sessions.

Results-Oriented: We are dedicated to helping you achieve real, noticeable results. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Hair growth services
Our spa services


At Healing Hair and Body Houston, we believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin, and that starts with healthy, vibrant hair. Our scalp treatment and hair growth services are designed to address your unique needs and help you achieve the gorgeous hair you’ve always wanted.
Don’t let hair thinning or scalp issues hold you back. Take the first step towards regrowth and revitalization by scheduling a consultation with us today. We’re here to support you on your journey to healthier, more beautiful hair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many sessions will I need to see results?

The number of sessions required varies depending on your specific needs and the treatment chosen. During your consultation, our experts will provide a personalized treatment plan and timeline to help you achieve your hair goals.

Is the scalp treatment painful?

No, our scalp treatment is designed to be relaxing and pain-free. In fact, many clients find it quite soothing, thanks to the scalp massage and gentle techniques used.

Are the hair growth services suitable for both men and women?

Yes, our hair growth services are suitable for both men and women. We offer customized treatments to address the unique needs of each gender.

Is there any downtime after the treatments?

Most of our treatments have minimal to no downtime, allowing you to resume your daily activities immediately. However, specific post-treatment instructions will be provided to ensure the best results.

Are the results permanent?

While our treatments can significantly improve the health and appearance of your hair, results may vary from person to person. Maintenance and follow-up treatments may be recommended to sustain the benefits over time.